Once Upon a Time…

…there was a beautiful boy. He was crazy smart and incredibly talented. He was kind and generous and when his eyes twinkled, you couldn’t help but love him.

And of course, there was a girl. She bounced through a happy childhood, stepped enthusiastically out into the bigger world, and crossed paths with the boy.

They spent some time as friends at first but it was quickly apparent the two belonged together and happily, easily, they fell in love.

Fast forward a few years and you find them together, playing at being grown ups: married working, and traveling, with plenty of friends and no major worries. They are as happy as two people in love can be, and yes, they know how lucky they are.

If the world was a kinder place, the story would end there with a happily-ever-after, but sadly, the boy gets sick – the kind of sick you don’t get better from. Still, they have time left and they continue on. They fill the good times with fun and food and laughter and wonderful people. They endure the rough times with patience and humor. They go on loving each other and are as happy as two people in love can be, when one of them is dying, and yes, they know how lucky they are.

And time moves on. Eventually, inevitably, the sand runs out of their shared hourglass and the girl finds herself in a world where the boy isn’t. That’s where this story begins – with a girl whose heart is freshly broken, struggling to be happy, because she knows how lucky she was.

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