An OK day

I had a good night’s sleep (chemically induced) and felt more centered today. I met the boy’s doc for lunch. It was nice to see him even though it hadn’t been that long – he and his wife were at the boy’s gathering. Asking the questions that had been stuck in my head helped more than I expected. I feel lighter. He wants to stay in touch so it looks like I won’t be losing that friendship after all.

I took the dog to the park afterward – where he had an excellent romp with a puppy. Much mud was acquired but it was worth it. He had been anxious and quiet lately, with all the comings and goings, and of course the boy is missing from his world too. It’s been a while since I’ve seen his happy canine grin.

I spent tonight with a friend. We went for pizza and spent the rest of the evening at my place. It was the closest thing to normal I’ve had so far. It still hurts to feel good, but more as a background ache.

Only one MHID conversation today. Progress.

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