What does a good day look like?

A good day has more productivity and fewer tears.

Today I managed to make myself a couple of hot meals, sort out a medical insurance problem, respond to some emails, order new contact lenses, determine how long my COBRA coverage will last, confirm I don’t need to take any action on my 401K when I leave work, take the dog for a long run in the park, figure out how to use Airplay to access our digital music and complete a first draft of one of the documents I need to wrap up for work. I only cried once.

That’s what a good day looks like.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I’m heading into work for the first time. I have a couple of meetings scheduled and a good bye lunch with my team. I’m thinking of the lunch as a test run for the larger party they are planning for later. I will visit my first grief support group tomorrow evening if I can get the nerve up. Not sure I’m in a place for sharing out loud with strangers yet. Guess we’ll find out.

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