I’ve lost the person I loved most, and with him, the confidant I would normally share my grief with and the shoulder I would cry on. It’s time to find another way to work things through.

A blog is an odd choice for someone like me who rarely shares strong emotions with friends, but it gives me some things a more personal conversations would not. The anonymity creates a safe zone. I don’t need to worry about adding to the distress of others who miss him and I can explore thoughts without worrying about how they will be heard by others who cared about him. A private journal would have done the same but a voice entirely in my own head would feel contrived and artificial. And even the best friends can’t always be available whenever I am ready to talk.

So I will share my heart with anonymous strangers. The balance feels right and who knows, maybe my words will help others on the same path by giving them and their loved ones a glimpse of what to expect along the way.

1 Response to About

  1. 4Hands says:

    I cannot even imagine the emptiness you must feel. Writing and talking are definitely two good ways. Hopefully, your confidant visits you in your dreams, too.
    Sending you prayers and hugs!


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